Good day / Bad day


  • Long and good sleep
  • My grandmother’s 94th birthday
  • My favorite cakes: Mom’s cheesecake, and chocolatecake
  • Hanging out with my best-friend, first time in a couple of weeks
  • This years first bath in the ocean
  • Big improvement on the soccer  field, good practice
  • Seeing a awesome movie, “Tomorrow, when the war bagan”
  • Sexual pleasure


  • Fucking bad hear day
  • Diarrhea
  • Its monday, tierd ass hell, cant focus on school work
  • No luck with the ladies today
  • Trouble with my motorcycle
  • Have to refill the tank
  • Legs heavy like hell
  • Got even in the match ( For me, thats worse than losing )
  • Stress with going to my grandmother to see the family for the last time this year
  • No sexual pleasure.
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Oh,how the sudden weather change keep me up at night.

What occupies your thinkings at night?

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The Legend.

Barney Stinson.
To succed you have to stop being ordinary
and be legend – wait for it – dary.

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music on – world off

“It’s, not, where you are, It’s where you’re going,
Where are you going?
And it’s, not, about the things you’ve done, it’s what you’re doing, now,
What are you doing, now?”
The hours – Ali in the jungle

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