What are words.
What is thoughts.
What is music.
What are feelings.

What if you cant express it, what is it then?

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Dreamgirl, heartache

Hello, today’s topic is as you might have seen, dreamgirl.
I guess you have thought about how you’d love to have your own dreamgirl by your side. So you could see her everyday, feel her, thouch her.

Well, you’re not alone. I have to admit that this mascurade is not as gentle, and what may appear to you as a happy guy’s smile. Is not what it look like. Things isn’t always what they seem to be. Sadly Im like everybody else, love for me. As it is for you. Not logic, at all. And it hurts, like hell.

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Once i had hope for you girls, but it seems like you’re just to immature.
Why cant you do things that make sense,not only for me, but do things who makes sense for your self.

And if _you_ ever get to read this i want you to know, you made me sick the secound you told me, but i wasnt far from vomiting when i heard you did it without protection.

I really think its best if we dont meet anymore

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Picture related to my feelings.



Louis Armstrong – Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen (1962)

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Asking a girl out.

I have never done this before, and i might just do it today.
The decision was made yesterday, i saw her for the first time, after a long downtime not seeing her at all.

BTW, i got nervous about it after thinking through how i should ask her.

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Seventeenth of may.

Hello, i might as well say that the 17th. of may has just passed, and this is a very special day for me, its the national day of my country.

I really like celebrating this day, it makes me feel so true to my country.

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…Sometimes Life Gives You the Finger

But keep your head held high and you’ll survive!

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